Pat. G

Incredible. I had installed a water filter system 8 years ago that provided adequate filtration enough to prevent toilet fill valve restriction. I had a water treatment company (no good) replace my filters because of the maintenance headache. They installed their filter treatment system and after two days my water looked like s**t, literally. My toilet fill valves began to clog after about a week. After a couple of weeks with no resolving the problem it was time for a change. I contacted Waterboy and met with Roy and Rita. We agreed to make the change. That was on a Wednesday and on Friday they were there on time to remove my worthless system and install theirs. The installers were professional, knowledgeable and did a great job. They flushed and sanitized my water lines after installing their filter treatment system. I [can't] believe that after a couple of flushes of my toilets they are now filling like they were prior to that previous, worthless, filtration system was installed. They truly know water treatment.

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